Stubborn Fat

fat that you find almost impossible to lose through diet and exercise even if you are doing the right things.

Stubborn Fat

Targeting stubborn body fat and “spot reduction” are two different things. It’s possible to get rid of stubborn body fat through diet, exercise, and supplementation however the process might take longer than we expect. The subcutaneous fat is more stubborn than visceral fat and intramuscular fat. For women, it’s located around the butt, hips, and thighs. For men, it’s located around the flanks(waistline) and tummy. By combining non-invasive & FDA approved body sculpting treatment you can get rid of these stubborn fats instantly and safely.

Treatment Options

Fat Freezing

The CLAATU ALPHA is scientifically guaranteed to freeze off a significant portion of the patient’s subcutaneous fat deposits of 25% – 30% and induce apoptosis (fat cell death), disposing of dead fat cells through the body’s metabolism.
Areas that can do Fat Freezing:
  • Inner thighs
  • Love handles
  • Flanks
  • Muffin top
  • Upper arms
  • Inner arms
  • Abdomen
  • Outer hips
  • Upper back

Body Sculpt Multipolar Radio Frequency

Body Sculpt Multipolar Radio Frequency is a combination laser using heat and radio frequency waves to tighten skin and even dissolve fat cells. It is used for body contouring, especially on stubborn fat areas such as under the chin, bra area, knees, love handles, abdomen and more. This treatment is safe and effective when done in a series of treatments.
The number of treatments needed for this procedure varies from person to person, however, most patients require 2-4 treatments, each about 4 weeks apart.